Electrician, Market Overton, Oakham, Rutland, Leicestershire, Lidbetter and Hicks
Electrician, Market Overton, Oakham, Lidbetter and Hicks
Electrican, Market Overton, Oakham, Lidbetter and Hicks
Lidbetter and Hicks, Electrician, Oakham, Market Overton

Our clients
Over the years we have developed ongoing relationships with many of our clients. We can provide contacts who will be happy to supply references if you require them.

Greetham Valley Golf Club
We carried out all electrical wiring and installation for their new hotel, leisure and conference facilities and continued maintenance for the golf club and hotel.

Bullock Construction Ltd
Ministry of Defence contract – complete refurbishment and wiring of 230 houses.

Local Government Authority
Housing department and property services for the maintenance, refurbishment and 24-hour call out services for over 30 years.