Electrician, Market Overton, Oakham, Rutland, Leicestershire, Lidbetter and Hicks
Electrician, Market Overton, Oakham, Lidbetter and Hicks
Electrican, Market Overton, Oakham, Lidbetter and Hicks
Lidbetter and Hicks, Electrician, Oakham, Market Overton

Emergency Lighting

When the lights go out, emergency lighting will show you the way to go. It comes into play when the normal lighting fails. Emergency lighting should work automatically and provide sufficient illumination to allow people to find their way to emergency exits.
It is critical the lighting is located in the right places and regularly inspected and maintained to ensure it works properly.
Many work places, commercial and industrial premises as well as most public buildings are required, by law, to provide emergency lighting.
We will survey your premises and advise on the best solutions for you. We will make sure all fittings as well as emergency and exit lighting are of the right type and located in the correct position complying with regulations and legal requirements.
We also carry out periodic testing and will provide you with detailed reports to ensure that your premises comply with the current legislation and Fire Safety Certification standards.