Electrician, Market Overton, Oakham, Rutland, Leicestershire, Lidbetter and Hicks
Electrician, Market Overton, Oakham, Lidbetter and Hicks
Electrican, Market Overton, Oakham, Lidbetter and Hicks
Lidbetter and Hicks, Electrician, Oakham, Market Overton

Testing & Inspection

Periodic testing and inspections to ascertain the integrity of electrical systems, fire alarms and emergency lighting is very important and in some cases, a requirement.
If you are buying a house you should also consider an inspection and a full test of the electrical systems. Electrical problems may not be highlighted in the survey and it is better to know things are in order before purchasing. Sometimes banks will insist on an inspection before releasing funds. Lidbetter and Hicks Ltd are fully qualified to carry out periodic testing and inspection reports to satisfy the requirements of:
Banks and Building Societies
Local Authorities
Insurance companies
Factory Inspectors and
Fire Officers